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Apricum Media was founded in late 2011 by August Freytag and Steve Luxembourg.
Apricum Media, Apricum Labs and the Apricum Clb. are property of August Freytag and Steve Luxembourg. All Rights Reserved.
Apricum produces Motion Pictures, Music Videos, Imagery and Compositions, managed by August Freytag and Steve Luxembourg.

The Collaboration published the following productions

Die Befragung des Lukas Brach

Accused of a crime he cannot remember, Lukas Brach tries to fight his way through the court he seems to be trapped in, defending himself from the different personalities that are talking him into confessing and realising what he has caused. Hastefully, Lukas attempts to find an escape to free himself from the chains of guilt and madness until the judge arrives.

Launching an Avalanche

The story of Horace Ericsson and his kite building abilities are put to the test in this behind the scenes material collection of "Avalanches" where our host gets to the workbench to construct something that should never fly, the fields of southern Germany for a new set of deserted landscapes, a stone pit to jump down and definitely not launch into the air and a stage room where everything is welded together to manifest the next music video of 2014 after "Le Havre" on record.


With the dream of flying stuck in his mind, Horace Eriksson stands on a field, watching the kite he built cascade down. Back at his dusty home in a peculiar old storage barn, he begins the construction of a pair of makeshift wings to finally make his wish come true.

Le Havre

A maverick, living in an old trailer in the outskirts of a lonesome suburb follows the trail of a bottle post he found, leading him through his hostile hometown to a lonesome bridge. His path is obstructed by a crowd of wild children who have declared open season on him. Meanwhile, another very lonesome boy sends out messages at random to finally make friends with someone, most probably as lonely as him.

Die Befragung des Lukas Brach: Festival Trailer

First presentation trailer for 2013's "Die Befragung des Lukas Brach", "The Interrogation of Lukas Brach", the climax of a man's trial, enclosed in a court room, trying to find out the reason he has been summoned, trying his best to defend himself against baseless accusations and the aggression of former allies who seem to abandon him as the arrival of the judge comes closer.

Slowly Circling Hawks

Afloat in a collapsing relationship, a young man struggles with the confined spaces of his shared apartment to find a spark of light in his life. With the cold distance between him and his girlfriend, he tries to free himself to finally look up again.

Apricum Takes a Summer Break

The Apricum Media Summer Break spanned the time from July to September 2013 in which it was originally planned to let the production schedule rest with "Bitter" being the last public release of the mid-year times. With "Autun Express", all thoughts of an actual pause were scrapped and such created the subsequent "Summer Break" with "Fontainebleau", "Zum Spiel des Jahres" and "Fort Sawene" which get a collective behind-the-scenes escapade with "Apricum Takes a Summer Break".

Fort Sawene

Alone in a dry post-war landscape, a child is on a journey to find his parents with which he grew up in a protection fort in the southern zone of a restricted area. In the attempt of reclaiming the memory of his childhood, a trail that his mother and father may have left behind for him to follow, he desperately struggles to realise that his surroundings may have changed much more than he had expected. Alongside another seemingly abandoned, mute boy, he tries to find a way out of his confusing past.

A Missing Review

The missing outtake compilation for the music videos from the dawn of Apricum "Broken Shells on Sandy Ground" and "Farewell II", now handed in later as the end mark to the Apricum Summer Break of 2013, documenting the changing circumstances in the beginning of 2012, the prelude of David around "Uppertown Grace" and "ZDSW" with two foundation-forming music videos that were never featured in a behind the scenes collective.

Zum Spiel des Jahres

The children of a soccer team attempt to make it on time to their match on foot as their parents are unable to drive them there. Published under Apricum Labs, part of Apricum Favours, a small present to the local soccer team where one of our hosts spent most of his childhood.


Autun Express

As the last project before the beginning of the Apricum Summer Break of 2013, Autun Express is a small walk with Steve Luxembourg and Maxwell Balloon who find a shopping trolley to the song "Autun".

Bitter Takes: Compilation

Francis Bitter D.C.


Violet Hall Intermission: Improvised Drama

Violet Hall Intermission: City of Lions

Violet Hall Intermission: Broken Shells

The Blue Lands Cell Division

Fight With The Bank Manager Representative Who's Collecting Our Souls

There I Was

Zu den sonnigen Wäldern: Auftakt

Farewell II

Nature's Obsession: Where All The Colours Are Gone

Nature's Obsession: Fields Of Night

Nature's Obsession: Glow Lamp

Uppertown Grace

Broken Shells On Sandy Ground


This Will Heal Your Broken Bones

It Tears Without The Dream